Dr. Harvey Shiffman

Physical Attractiveness and Oral Facial Enhancement

How can you have a “perfect” smile if the rest of the picture doesn’t match?

According to Dr. Gordon Patzer, the author of “The Physical Attractiveness Phenomenon”, the components of the face do not contribute equally to the evaluation of physical attractiveness. There is a perceived hierarchy in that some of the facial components are of greater importance then others to the beholder. There are 5 predominant factors of which 3 include direct dental components. The teeth, smile, lips, eyes and the nose comprise the top 5.

The intersection between Dental Aesthetics and Facial Aesthetics is what we consider “Beauty”. Dr.Robert Gordon author of “Vermillion Dollar Lips” has stated “I believe that we should move beyond the teeth , as dentists, we are the natural specialists of the mouth, and we should provide our patients with various cosmetic options needed for a complete oral makeover.”

The Inside Out Facelift

Dentistry today continues to evolve. We have always strived to find that balance for our patients. In 2012 we were instrumental in the development of “Smoothlase” our “inside-out” laser non-surgical facelift. The treatment is all done from inside the mouth, we can rejuvenate from the lower eyelids to the jowls of the neck. The gentle laser light energy heats the tissue and stimulates the bodies own natural cells to build new collagen tighten existing collagen and the result is a plumping and tightening of the skin. While not as drastic as a surgical facelift, Smoothlase has impressive results lasting over a year and can be “touched up ” in one or two sessions. In the same manner we developed “Liplase” to use the laser to plump and rejuvenate thin or deficient lips. Our most recent development is “Necklase” where we can tighten the neck and jowls from inside the mouth.

Many of our aesthetic patients have asked for Botox and dermal fillers in combination with laser treatment so we have incorporated these services into our “Spa Menu” . We use them to plump lips, fill lines and creases , rebuild collapsed cheekbones and we can even prevent and reduce wrinkle lines with Botox .

Another area of interest is the use of Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) from the patients own blood ( drawn in the office )to plump lips, fill lines and on the skin combined with laser for rejuvenation. We are on the cutting edge with our laser/PRF Dental Dr-Acula treatment protocol.












With our Fotona Lightwalker laser we can also do gental laser hair removal, spider vein removal in the “peri-oral” area around the mouth and chin and laser peels too.

In closing, we have always placed beautiful cosmetic crowns and veneers to improve and complement our patients smiles . Call for a complementary cosmetic /aesthetic evaluation for you or a loved one.