The World Health Organization recently recognized and honored the Velscope enhanced oral assessment device. The Velscope was one of only eight commercial devices to be honored.  The Velscope device helps improve the oral health of patients by allowing dental practicioners to discover eraly stage oral cancers and other oral abnormalities.  Boynton Beach dentist Dr. Harvey Shiffman at his Boynton Laser Dental Center has been using the Velscope in clinical practice for  over three years and has diagnosed several cases of oral cancer and precancerous lesions .

Recent evidence of severe infections, fatalities and septic shock have added to the mountains of reports of the detrimental affects of tongue and oral piercings. Studies published from the University of Buffalo, and the University of Brazil support these findings. The American Dental association has published a position statement as follows:
Oral piercings, which involve the tongue( the most common site),cheeks,lips,uvula,or a combination of sites, have been implicated in a number of adverse oral and systemic conditions. Because of its potential for numerous negative sequelae , the American Dental Association opposes the practice of intraoral/perioral piercing and tongue splitting.
Here at Boynton Laser Center, Dr. Harvey Shiffman counsels his patients about the risks and dangers of tongue piercings, and other oral modifications.